Corfe Castle village is blessed with footpaths in all directions and across common land. Almost all of them keep the Castle in view providing a spectacular focus to the wonderful views. For those with a camera the Castle changes its appearance as the sun rises, the earth orbits and the sun sets. If you don’t have a camera just stop and wonder!

The following walks all start and end at the village square. The timings are approximate and will be longer if you stop at the various sights. Once you have done two or three you will see that you can add bits to your walk from another described walk if you want to walk for longer!

Around the base of the Castle

Timing: 20 minutes
Difficulty: sloping and narrow in parts

Head past the National Trust teashop down Ollie Vye’s Lane where there is interpretation boards about the Walk.

Look up at the impressive remaining Castle walls. At the end of the Lane cross the road and then the wooden bridge over the River Corfe following the signs to the NT Car Park and walk along the tree lined path. On the right are the remains of West Mill and an information board.

The path comes out at the junction of Church Knowle road and the Wareham road. Cross over Church Knowle road and proceed on the pavement towards the village.

On the right there is a gate and then go up the path misleadingly labelled “No entrance to Castle”. The path goes up the NE side of the Castle and comes out at the Castle gates. There are good views of trains on the embankment and Boar Mill below you.

The steepness of the Castle slopes explains how good a fortress this was. At the end of the path by the Castle entrance turn left to return to the Village Square. Visitors to the Castle will need to buy a ticket at the Square ticket office if not NT members.

Selection of pictures from the walk